IPGA06:A Potential First-in-class TARGET neutralizing antibody


The TARGET of IPGA06 is an immunosuppressive cytokine involved in tumour immune escape by inducing regulatory T cells (Tregs), tumor-associated macrophages (TAMs), tolerogenic DCs (tolDCs), and B cells with regulatory properties (Bregs). The target can expand regulatory responses and promote immune tolerance. It suppresses the proliferation and function of effector T cells within the tumor microenvironment (TME). Therefore, targeted neutralization of the IPGA06 represents a potential therapeutic approach against cancer. IPGA06 is a promising first-in-class neutralizing antibody that can block the accumulation of Tregs induced by the target in the TME.

Mechanism of Action

■ Neutralization of the IPGA06 target.

■ Reduction in the population of Tregs.

■ Promotion of activated CD8+ T cells in cancer treatment.